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The Many Health Hazards of Triclosan

Posted on 4 March, 2016 at 15:30


As noted in the featured article in The Atlantic,8 the reasons for avoiding triclosan are far from few... This antibacterial ingredient has been linked to:

• Allergies

• Thyroid dysfunction

• Endocrine disruption

• Weight gain

• Inflammatory responses

Most recently, triclosan was found to aggravate the growth of liver and kidney tumors, which came as a surprise to the researchers. According to one of the authors:9

"We aren't saying that triclosan causes cancer. We're just saying that with constant exposure, this environmental agent, which is extremely ubiquitous, can promote development of tumors. If one can avoid it, I would avoid it."

In another interview he clarified by saying:10

"If you have a damaged cell that's been attacked by a mutagen, triclosan promotes the development of the tumor. The compound also causes inflammation, which means that all the ingredients necessary for developing cancer are present."

Personally, I believe there's plenty of evidence suggesting triclosan is an unnecessary hazard that is best avoided, especially if you have children, due to its adverse effects on the endocrine system.


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